Is This Heaven? Testo

Testo Is This Heaven?

Walking home with you last night
You said the world is beautiful
And how things look that way when you're in
I love this world
When I'm in your arms.
Is this heaven?
I opened up the letter that the
Postman gave to me this morning.
Had to stop myself from shouting out
“I love this world”.
When I'm in your arms.
Is this heaven?
When I'm in your arms.
Is this heaven?

I know that heaven waits
For those whose love is true.
Don't ask me where or when
The time for us will come again.
I sit and watch the sun go down
And in the darkness there's no sound
While in the sky tonight the stars all cry “I love you”.
Are they crying out over you
'Cos you're in my heart?
Is this heaven?
'Cos the story starts and ends with you.
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