This Is My House Testo

Testo This Is My House

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This is my house but nobody's home when I'm there, when I'm there,
Even a mouse would be welcome to sit in my chair, in my chair,
He can sit in anyplace he wants, be welcomed as a friend,
If I can't have human ones at least I can pretend, yeah.

This is my house but nobody's home when I'm home, when I'm home,
It is a house that is destined to be all alone, all alone,
People from the village pass by, they don't take a glance,
They don't want to talk to me pass the garden fence, no.

Nobody comes to see what I'm like,
Nobody sees me in the limelight,
I'm bright and I'm waiting for a knock on the door,
One night I won't be surprised there's somebody home.

This is my house...
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