Vintage Wine Testo

Testo Vintage Wine

I remember the taste of the vintage wine
From '63 through to '69
And I'm proud of the things we believed in then.
If I had the chance I'd go around again
Oh I tell you,
We were young and free.
Oh I'll tell you
'Cause I was there, you see.

And I look to the future with open arms
And the songs that flow from my old guitar
And I want to be there when the music plays
And the lights go up on the empty stage.

Oh I tell you
Music set me free.
Oh I tell you,
It sounds so good to me.

And if you're into wandering
Underneath the stars,
We'll take the trip together
Through this magic world of ours.

And if you're still uncertain
Just what we can be
Well, baby, make your mind up,
Get your things and follow me.

'Cause if you're into romance baby
Love will find a way
And if you're into dreaming
Dream with me.

I remember the sounds of the children's' prayer
The laughing eyes and the golden hair
And, as hard as I try,
Not a day goes by
That I don't think of them.

I tell you
We can be so free.
Oh I tell you,
If you'll be there with me
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