Everytime Testo

Testo Everytime

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Everytime I look in your eyes
I see the heavens and the starry skies
but then you get so distant sometimes
and I can tell - there's someone else on your mind
If you want me to be your someone
then I got to be the only one

Everytime you call my name
my pulse runs like a runaway freight train
but sometimes I need somebody - and you're gone
and the record player's playin' that lonesome song
You know I'd rather be alone
if I can't have you for my own

Everytime I see you cry
well I wanna dry the tear from your eye
but each time you leave me alone
you leave a pain in my heart of stone
If you want me to be your someone
I got to be your only one
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