Dead And Gone Testo

Testo Dead And Gone

Intro: Firing Squad...To the Death Hook: When I'm dead and gone, you won't be alone When I'm edad and gone Verse 1: O.G. Boom Bang (that's my nigga), that's right I told you knuckle build with skil, love you after life And since your death, everythings changed The family ain't the same, shit seems strange I started beef with you, use to eat with you Sleep with you, creep with you, I got use to seeing you But I ain't smashed up, I ain't mad at cha I know some day we all all gonna be up in that pasture But anyway, we finally got some ends Princess Imani will be blessed with them diamonds and gems Just like we always planned, so salute, to ya troop Tribute from your man Billy Danz I love you Hook: When we get there you won't be alone, when I'm dead and gone Verse 2: Yo, the whole scenery is packed in, people dressed in black and The whole place is flooded with tears, I'm surrounded by my peers There I lay, day after day has been a struggle for the man But when I'm put six feet under, will my son understand? This is some, ILL shit, that we DEAL with, because Caps get pealed QUICK, and we be dealin' with some real shit It's like a universal cycle, I'm a disciple You could be left not breathing even if you walking with your bible So when m body hit that soil and sinkin' I'm gonna be lookin' right over my son, even when I'm dead and stinkin' A legacy is left behind, for mine So he can stay strong, so that he can move on, when I'm dead and gone Hook: The way the world is going it won't be too long, when I'm dead and gone I'm on my way home Just give it up, just give it up, just give it up Verse 3: So kid, don't think you alone, when your daddy's all gone Cause I won' be resting in peace till I see you grown Carry on, nothing else could come above you You best believe I love you, I wouldn't of brought you in this world of struggle There's only two places to go, heaven or hell, well only God alone Will know, where I dwell, so stay tight, keep your head right It'll be alright, you'll never be alone, when I'm dead and gone I be amoungst the fallen members of my family tree (Baby Boy Brimmer) and my man Spuds McKenzy Princly Roy and Big Mal, Lameef caught a beat A cat with that Danzine smile After I stopped breathing, I ain't leavin', cause I belive in Achievin' goals, through spiritial soul (REMEMBER) Death is just a heart beat away And if you live by the gun, you gonna die by the gun I love you Hook: When I'm dead and gone, when I'm dead and gone The way this world is going it won't be to long I'm on my way home Just give it up, just give it up, just give it

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