What's Your Name Testo

Testo What's Your Name

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
(feat. Big Daddy Kane)

Every time I think about you
My sense start to raise
And when I try to get you
You're gone without a trace

In my imagination
I see you here with me
Were doing things together
This is not reality

No body knows ya
But I've got to fight
Something about ya
Plays in my mind

What's your name?
Been watching everything you do
I can look but I can't touch
There's nothing wrong in wanting you (x2)

I try to get to know you
And your identity
You're always in the distance
Don't seem to notice me

So much I want to tell you
How come you're never here?
Every time I try to stop you
You always disappear

No body knows ya
But I've got to fight
Something about ya
Plays in my mind

Listen, I put it down in a way that you have to just love
Mad xxxxxx, dance with me, so we passin them both?
At the end of the night when I'm asking What's up
Track 6 of 50's album that's what's after the club
All the same when I run my game
Let me make it crystal clear to you
Baby jus what's my name?
I'm loved by all, duplicated by many
The B-I-G D-A double-D Y k an E uh

What's your name? (...fade)
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