The Time It Takes To Grow Testo

Testo The Time It Takes To Grow

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I got the call from across the sea
And marked the end of summer
But I'm making peace while I sleep
In this bed of sweat with a heavy head
Stay right here

I get lost in the seconds as the minutes pass by
And you still won't believe me, but they're the days I felt alive
Two more years left of waiting before I let this one go
But I'm stuck on the seconds and the time it takes to grow

I made my way down the coast
I made it home for ...(?)
But as the seasons change I can pry my eyes
From the two black hands staring back at me (?)
Stay right here


If I said I was sorry would you believe in me
If I did what I promised would you still love me
If I said I was changing would you give me a chance
Got me lost in the seconds and the time it takes to grow

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