10,000 Miles Away Testo

Testo 10,000 Miles Away

I been drinkin lately girlYou know I'm sick in loveDon't know when I'll be homeThen I see the faces when I'mStandin on the stageIt gets me thru the nightsAnd when I'm feelin cold...all I haveTo do is callTo warn my heart 10,000 miles awayI been feelin low and I really missMy sonHey boy I'm callin youWhen I think about our lives it getsMe thru the nightsAdn warm my heart 10,000 miles awayYou knew this was a hard lifeWhen you met meSometimes I can't feel if it's night or dayYou now I couldn't trade this babyIf I had toGoddamn, it's hard being so in love It's trueMaybe I'm a gypsy baby livin on stageSomething's I guess will never Never change Girl I know you love me even withThis path I chooseI hear you call mu nameAnytime at all, anytime at allI'll warm your heart10,000 miles away

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