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Testo Can't Have Your Cake

Incidente in Thailandia, gravissima la cantante di Disney Channel
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When I was a young boy my mama would say Son, you ain't always gonna get your way Times will be good, times will be bad You ain't always gonna get a winning hand Son, she always said, you gotta stand tall Even when it looks like you'll take a fall Life is short and sometimes sweet Get out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat (Pre-Chorus) Everything she said was true My mama never was a fool Gotta live your life by the golden rule (Chorus) I guess it's true what they say Really true what they say I guess what mama said was true Can't have your cake and eat it too, babe I never doubted any word my Mutha said With all the sinnin' runnin' 'round my head (Pre-Chorus)(Pre-Chorus)(Chorus)

Scarica la suoneria di Can't Have Your Cake!
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