Let Us Pray Testo

Testo Let Us Pray

I'm the reason women bleedIt's been calledThe curse of eveAncient times to modern liesYou know my nameTurned your pleasuresInto painYou made love I give you aidsMy pollution gives you cancerOf the brainYet to me you sell your soulFame and glory plated goldYou're such an easyPrey for mePlease let us preyPlease let us hunt7 million bodies lying deadBeneath my handsWar was such a simpleGame to playPreachers do my bidding yetBlame me for their sinsAltar boys are taken in desmayKill and eat your neighborsGas a subway in japanI got more apocalyptic plansPlease let us preyPlease let us huntSuicide....genocide

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