Sister Of Pain Testo

Testo Sister Of Pain

There's a little old place down south of La Grange Where the whiskey flows and the nights go on for days My home on the range There's a sultry queen set her sights on me Was the best damn thing that I ever seen oh ya She's Evangeline That preacher's daughter, she took off her leather dress She pulled me into sin and now I must confess She's a (Pre-Chorus) Sister, sister of pain She's a knock down, drag it out, lick it up do it again Such a sweet young thing took a bite out of me She spread her cards out for all the world to see oh ya I went willingly She walked me back to a darkened room Said this one's on me boy, I want to see you howl at the moon and I'm talkin' soon That night I saw the light I'd never seen before When I thought my time was up she said how 'bout a, a little more For the (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) A sister, sister of pain Drop down, spread 'em out, open up it's only a game Suck your soul, make a blind man see With a touch of her hand, brings a devil out of me She held up a sign said have no fear We got liquor up front, and poker in the rear For the (Pre-Chorus)(Chorus) Yeah (Pre-Chorus) Yeah

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