Collapsing Stars Testo

Testo Collapsing Stars

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
when we hid out behind the risers at he high school,
working bitter calculations with a slide rule.
the grim particulars of poisoning the swimming pool,
well you looked me in the eye,
ready to die.

we were becoming what we are,
collapsing stars.

when we chewed up baby aspirin like bubble gum,
til our hearts were beating as deep and rich as kettle drums
we knew if we waited long enough the change would come.
and then the day did come and at last
hold tight.
hold fast.

catch lightning in a jar,
collapsing stars.

I told you to load up on provisions,
because we wouldn't be back for a while.
pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
turn toward the camera and smile, smile, smile.

when we ditched the plan to poison all our enemies,
stuffed our weapons in a clearing, and covered them with leaves,
we are going to come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves
one day, and we are on our way.

you can look,
but you won't find
another love like ours,
collapsing stars
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