Four New Trees Testo

Testo Four New Trees

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
the first new tree is tall and good.
it gives hard dark brown burning wood
when winter comes it stands right outside
with its blossom-laden arms spread wide.

the second new tree gives out sweet sticky fruit.
and it took a long time to take root.
sometimes we thought it had given up the spirit,
but now it makes me happy when i'm just standing near it.

the third new tree stands just west of the barn.
its best branches grow thicker than my arm.
i will water him everyday.
and i will chase all the termites away.

but the fourth new tree is my enemy.
yeah the fourth new tree shouldn't be here.
the fourth new tree
sets its tendrils through the water mains and tries to poison me.
his leaves are thick, always falling, and pure
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