Korean Bird Paintings Testo

Testo Korean Bird Paintings

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
yesterday I put in a good 5 hours
talking to the statues
chased your memory all around the room
didn't manage to catch you
but I cleaned out the savings account
blew everything I had on flowers
covered up the furniture in carnations
rolled around for hours

there are those of you, who got the wrong idea right now
but man you should of seen me when I got through
indistinguishable from a fourth century Briton
waiting on the couch for you
I put all the extras on the credit card
bubble of the universe and mylar balloons
everything we'd saved up in one room at the same time
cartoon stars, crescent moons
thank you notes, get well cards
condolences, congratulations
bright colors, hues and signals
reminders and rememberances
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