Love Cuts The Strings Testo

Testo Love Cuts The Strings

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
the first thing that happened was the river overflowed
the water running through the streets and was sweet and cold
i knelt by the water like a doe by a stream
punch-drunk, snowblind, as though the whole thing were a bad dream

and then love pulled out the heavy artillery
kypris took the horses by the bit for the morning ride
i count my blessings, but you can only be expected to count so high
when love cuts the strings

i smeared myself with pennyroyal to keep the hounds at bay
you poked your head out of an alley half a block away
and i recognized you, though i'm not sure how
and the air turned red around you
as a dull chill came down over me

and then love summoned up the infantry
and the green-eyed goddess got ready for all out war
and i'd count my blessings,
but i don't even know what the word blessing means
when love cuts the strings
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