The Day The Aliens Came Testo

Testo The Day The Aliens Came

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
hey, mr. hughes and mr. vanderslice, uh this is a new song
i'm really excited aboo, about, and uh and so since i wrote
it on my old cort guitar instead of the new one i, i want to
play on that just for purposes of 'cause i've been writing
it and so forth so that's why it sounds a little beat up and
flat and everything, 'cause these strings are old and everything,
so sorry about that, uh, it's i-, it's in A. i think i'm tuned to an A.
it should be called hawaiian feeling, but it probably can't be
called that. um, ok, right. alright.

I will wake up at six a.m. again.
and I will find my way to the front door
like a soldier crawling through the smoking carnage.
smoldering bodies at my feet,
I'd love to stick around, but I've got someone to meet.
and I will put my best foot forward.
and I'll thank god I made it out of there
on the day when my new friends come.

I will present myself in my nice white tuxedo jacket.
and I will look out at the day through my dark sunglasses,
and take in the scene.
the house behind me and the people in it
will all go up like steam in just a minute.
there's gonna be a redefining of some borders,
and I will receive my orders
on the day when my new friends come.

the rooftops and the sidewalks
will all melt like pastic.
and oh friends, old friends, dear friends,
I'm gonna look fantastic.

there won't be any reason left to cry
'cause there won't be any people left to cry for.
my memory's gonna vaporize itself.
and my italian shoes, well, they will be to die for.
I believe I can fly.
might you look up at me and wave goodbye
on the day when my new friends come?
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