Disaffection Testo

Testo Disaffection

[Lyrics: Demon]

Suspense quite consumed
Just rests and bids smoke
Sliding down the wall
And draining From my mouth

Too late for being not vile
Avoiding be a martyr
I'll spit on all this lie
And make you all rot in cancer

Disaffection for all I see
Your infection incites my need

Disaffection for all I see
Aborting hate by a worm eaten nose bleed
Like a serpent rounding your neck
I'll be fulfilling you the cancer

Your infection incites my need
Of seeing all you
As hurt as you can be

Enjoy and spread my gift
Of making you become virus

How does my grudge tastes like?

I am the coarseness
Soiling the image of humanity
I am the mouth feeding
The parasites with insanity
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