The End Of New Life Testo

Testo The End Of New Life

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Lyrics: Demon, Zora]

Smell of the skin
Smell of new life
The joy that gives the sensation of discover what exist is

Skin of my skin
The end of new life
Gruffly twist the little neck to watch what reality around is

Crash the tender body against the wall
To teach how rough life assails against it's spawns
Stare at the eyes and keep taking apart
To forge a strong character in ours

By seeing the young eyes loss it's unity with the head
The hands are working instinctively
Food for this animal.

Hidden the eyes slipping along the animal s guts
There`s no more sleeping chance in the creature from now and on
No more nightmares sequences
No more cries in consequence
The eyes that cry because of nightmares
Are paying their owns
Hush, there's somebody taking care if anyone wants to hurt you
Even that filthy compass that just spewed you
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