Turn Me On Testo

Testo Turn Me On

(Ft Kathleen Chaplin)

Get together party people
We're gonna change today
Grooving like there's no tomorrow
Rock the night away
Love the jams coming out my speakers
DJ daddy play
All my people hangin' out and we're all gonna stay

I like how you turn me on (4x)

Make the most of this funky feeling
Dance the night away
Left my car keys in the restroom
I guess I'll have to stay
Music's hot here at this night spot
Another drink OK
Sippin' on my dry martini
I look at you and say

I like how you turn me on (4x)

Funky how love can deceive
Tell me all the wonderful things I should believe
When it tells her the same then love becomes a game
I land softly on my feet so naive

Turn me on I've got the fever
Switch me off now I can't believe ya, baby
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