Burning Them Down Testo

Testo Burning Them Down

Screaming lyrics in your ear, all of them sound the same - Only hear what you want to hear, you don't care it's all the same - Drown yourself in another beer or whatever helps ease the pain - Down that's were they want us to be not working to create a change - Burning them all - Cast into flames - Burning them down - That which we hate - Your church and state - To affect change - Contempt for everyone that I see makes its hard just to socialize - Attempt not to do what I think should be done to those who deserve to die - Distrust for anyone that tells me what to do and how to be saved - Burn that which we have opposed, that which has kept us enslaved - There's no solution but complete destruction - In the natures plan that's fires function - To clear the path through waste and debris - I just need some room so that I can breathe

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