A Little To Loose Testo

Testo A Little To Loose

Misguided woman knows my nameAin't go nobody else to blameI gota a girl back homeShe's waiting all aloneTen weeks of rock and roll arcadeSeems like a year since I've been paidI got to let it go, no one will ever knowI got a little to looseIn Oklahoma cityI didn't care if she was youngI didn't care if she was prettyI got a little too looseA little too looseA little too loose, oh, oh, ohKeep little secrets far too longGuess taht i'll put them in a songI got to let it go, on one will ever knowBaby, can i get you a taxiShe said, "that's ok, tonight I"m staying here"All that little girl wanted yeahWas a slippery souvenir

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