Colorado Bulldog Testo

Testo Colorado Bulldog

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Ace high in golden

I was tall and on the rocks

And a little touch of attitude

Who's that Madame X

Comon' in at three o'clock

Why don't you send her over, one, two

Next thing I remember

I was crawlin' round the room

She was dacin' on the table

Blood shot barking' at the moon

Colorado Bulldog

This night has gone to my head

Colorado bulldog

Throw a leash around my neck

Turn around and run like hell

Swingin' from the rafters,

Losin' all control

Playin' a little game of cat and mouse

I poped the question

I've been lonely much too long

Last call, the drinks are on the house

Next thing I remember

Through the pandemonium

It was feelin' like a nightmare

That bites right into my skin

My sweet Lolita, a preying maneater

Left me in the number six motel

How was I to know

She'd strip me to the bone

And steal away my heart as well

Colorado bulldog

This night has gone to my head

Colorado Bulldog

Throw a leash around my neck

Bottoms up, down the hatch

It's time to start all over again.
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