Lucky This Time Testo

Testo Lucky This Time

Lost and alone in this city of darkness
Empty of lovers and full of lies
You build a wall between your dreams and the madness
I reach out my hand but you run and hide
I've watched you cry in the rain
I wanna bring back the joy again

Chorus:Open your heart to mine
I believe, I believe, you won't be sorry
This time-baby
Open your heart tonightI believe, I believe you might
Be lucky this time
You might be lucky this time

No guarantees whenyou risk your emotion
So you surrender and it all went astrayBitter and hopeless in your cold isolationBut you my love won't ever fade away
I wanna dry all your tears
You know there's nothin' to fear, baby
And when the shadows start to fall
Let my love break down the walls
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