Not One Night Testo

Testo Not One Night

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I used to dream of only you
Now I don't do that
I used to miss talkin' to you
Ah, now I don't do that

Since you've been gone
I learned to stop
Tryin' to hold on
Because there's...

Not one night
One single day
That I wouldn't give to you
So with all my might
In every way
I'll try to forget you too

I thought you could tell me anything
Yea, you used to do that
You let me inside of everything
Yea, you used to do that
Never to change at least I thought
It feels so strange because there's...


Loneliness may come
Knockin' at my door
But where I'm comin' from
That don't phase me anymore
Time has shed a little light
On where I'm supposed to be
There ain't no use in thinking
You'll come running back to me

Since you've been gone
I learned to stop
Tryin' to hold on because there's...

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