The Whole World's Gonna Know Testo

Testo The Whole World's Gonna Know

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Your secret is safe

I'll keep it on the inside

Cover your play, makin' up a white lie

I can't complain

She's finally off of my back

I shoulda know better

She came in from the wrong side of the tracks

I'll keep my mouth shut

Nothing else I can do

At the rate that you're going

Baby, pretty soon

The whole world is gonna know

The whole world is gonna know

What you've done to me

The whole world is gonna know

The whole world is gonna know all about it, baby

I used to be as foolish as the last guy

I made up my mind

There'll never be a next time, no

Now that you're done with all your fake affection

So many like me, you know

They're getting wise to your deception

Nothing I can do
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