Wind Me Up Testo

Testo Wind Me Up

I. There ought to be a law against it
To lead a man on and then let him go
What's the world comin' to
When you can't slide into home

II. Tell it like it is woman
Tell the boy maybe or nevermind
We could go all the way
The big boys don't like to waste time

Wind me up_
I need enuff to keep me satisfied
Wind me up_
I wanna hold you but my hands are tied
Wind me up_
You kiss me quick and then
You turn me off
Wind me up

III. The only way she winds you up
Is when you ask for too much trouble
Ain't no room for a 2nd chance
When the 1st one aine't even over

Packed with a powerful love
That I just can't get enough of
Lay your cards on the table
Baby make no mistake about it


Lead solo-
Break down_sexual jargon
Chorus out_
It's time to let the cat out of the bag
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