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Testo Trixter

Snoop Dogg dona 10 miloni di dollari ad un'app che spedisce marijuana a domicilio
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Something wicked this way comes,
Got into the stagnant gates to my heart,
Tush, tush, yoo hoo, I'm moving next in line,
Blush, bkush, coo coo, these dirty thought are mine.


Her eyes demolished whatever she saw,
Left standing naked, opened and raw,
The pearly, swirly, whirly, girly that I was,
Felt like curling up into a ball.

Chop, chop, boo hoo, don't let it get to you.
Hush, hush, shoo shoo, I'm crawling out the room.


Rub salt into my wound,
Watch it sizzle,
Watch it bruise…

(repeat to fade)

Scarica la suoneria di Trixter!
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