Gin & Tonic Sky Testo

Testo Gin & Tonic Sky

On a lonsome evening,when rain turns pavement black
I put you on a train,I'd never see you back again...

'cause you were leaving,I couldn't fathom why
and the moon was a slice of lemon in a gin and tonic sky
gin and tonic sky

well I put you on a train,you should have heard the engines laughter
sayin' "I'm takin' her away and don't come running after"
you gave me one last cold kiss,colder than steel
this would be the last time
and my tears were like vinegar burning in my eyes,
burning in my eyes

Please swear you won't take her from me now...
And I always said train stations gave me a lonesome feeling
'cause from someone somewhere they were stealing,stealing

na na na na na, na na na

and to hear the trains arms a voilently pumping
and a little ruby heart inside me a thumping,
I was my own man now,a soldier on a battle field,
A grain of sand on a gold dust beach,
A one man band with an empty open hand,
A one man band with an empty open hand


Gin and tonic sky,gin and tonic sky,
Gin and tonic sky,gin and tonic sky
Sky oh! gin and tonic sky
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