Strange Hotel Testo

Testo Strange Hotel

Sleep now, it's o.k,
the ghost is gone,
gone away,
you fought him good,
you fought him well,
you lost your love
but you found yourself
Dream, a dream,
something good,
a rockin' chair
made of wood
on a porche
in the sun,
with a child in your arms
not a shot gun
And there's a man,
the man for you
and your love
is made of glue,
you'll always have
food and health
and just the right
amount of wealth
'Cause he is gone
yeah! He is gone
from your life
he's passed through this room
and you can sleep now
'cause he is gone
without your love
he's passed through this room
Breathe out,
float away,
sleep now
it's okay,
the future's bright,
feel the pull..
The cracks are filled,
you're beautiful,
The carpets swept,
the bed is slept,
no more nights
of regret,
you fought him good,
you fought him well,
in this strange
sold hotel
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