Calendar Marks Testo

Testo Calendar Marks

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I've fallen victim to my greatest fear
The calendar marks that I lost a whole year
Three-sixty-five, barely alive
Grace took her good natured time to arrive
Oh my God, this year has dealt me a horrible hand
I'll try and explain, but you won't understand
Well wait, what's today's date?
There's plenty of time left to procrastinate, or plan my escape

Let me go
Let me go

The Autumn leaves join in a bittersweet chorus
A hymn so inspired as if to inform us they're leaving soon
She sends a kiss that we just barely miss
Before Winter sets in and exposes our sins

Let me go
Let me go

I want to be where nobody knows me
I'll be behind the perfect disguise
I'll drive away, I'll dissapear
I want to be anywhere, but here

Spring-time, ever changing
My life's re-arranging
So it seems I'm going down now
Tears fall on the ash, my heart's fading fast

Let me go
Let me go

While I wait for the New Year
To introduce new fears
While I'm wishing that I could be
Anywhere, but here
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