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Testo Counterfeit (The Art Of Deception)

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So insecure and uninspired
I never sleep so I'm always tired
I try to listen, but I'm too wired
Put up a front so I don't get fired
I try to hard to be smart and funny
Pretend like there's more to my life than money
I've given up on achieving perfection
But I have perfected the art of deception

All of my confidence is completely counterfeit
Life is a hazy daze, chaotic escapade
It's getting me high, but making low
I feel so shallow, I feel so shallow

So inconsistent and overrated
Rip out my heart while my ego's deflated
I get a kick out of being persistent
Push me away and increase the resistance
Keeping your secrets is to confidential
Spreading the lie that has too much potential
Call me fake, call me lost and conceited
I may be weak, but I won't be defeated

Scarica la suoneria di Counterfeit (The Art Of Deception)!
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