Murder On The Radio Testo

Testo Murder On The Radio

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Dodging bullets, dodging glances
Nervous and you shake while he makes his advances
Sending tingles up your spine, there is no way to define
A regret that you cannot rewind
Feeling empty, feeling broken
There's a malice on his lips you can taste while your choking
He is sour, he is sharp, he is preying on your heart
Just relax while he tears you apart

Take the dreams you had, throw them all away

Whoa, singing you to sleep
While you dream
While we murder on the radio

Feed desire, feed the cancer
Swallowing the lust that will cripple the dancer
With his hands around your neck
You have lost all self-respect
You're a mirror to ashamed to reflect
Are you cautious, are you reckless
Guilty and exposed, but to stubborn to confess
He is careless, he is kind, he has one thing on his mind
He is determined to keep you confined
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