What Are You Waiting For? Testo

Testo What Are You Waiting For?

It's never that, it's never quite that innocent
So take it back, all the words you thought you said, but never had
You never had, to say a word, don't say a word
Just hold me close, hold me close and let me go
And then you'll know, you need to know exactly what you're letting go
You're letting go, so walk away and take it slow

Is there anyone out there who is listening to anything
Is there anyone out there who can take my hand, so

Come on, come on
What are you waiting for?
Waiting for your life to end to begin again
No, you get back up and you try again

You never had, you never had a fighting chance, so watch your back
Somehow we always manage to remember that
Under attack, if you lose a friend, you pick up the slack
Whoever said that distance brings you closer, they must not have known
That when you're out of sight you're out of mind and all alone
And when you're on your own, you hate to think that you should've known
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