Now You're All Alone Testo

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Testo Now You're All Alone

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Girl You Said That I Have Always Been The One You Wondered From The Start But Ya Neva Let Me Know You Seen My Video I'm On The Radio And Now It's All About Me But When I Stepped To You You Stepped Away From Remember How You Played Me Oh

Girl You Said You Wasn't Feelin Me You Were Never Callin Me Never Use To Ring My Phone Now You Tell Your Friends That You Know Me Say That We Talk Frequently Now You All Up In My Song Girl You Said You Wasn't Feelin Me You Were Never Callin Me Never Use To Ring My Phone Girl I'm Still The Same Guy That You Think Is A Star Only Now Your All Alone

It's Funny How You Changed Now You Wanna Step To Me But I Ain't The One Ya Had Ya Chance To Be With Me So I Gotta Let You Go
(So I Gotta Let You Go)
Hear Me On Your Radio
(Hear Me On Your Radio)
Or See Me On Your Tv
(Or See Me On Your Tv)
Cuz When I Stepped To You
(Cuz When I Steeped To You)
You Stepped Away From Me
(You Stepped Away From Me)
Now Your The One Whos Lonely

[Chorus: x2]

Girl Oh Girl How Could You Let Me Slip Right Threw Your Finger Tips Girl Oh Girl You Could Of Had Everyhing You Need Everything With Me But Girl Now It's Too Late To Get Back You Should've Thought That When You Had The Chance I Could've Been Your Man

[Chorus Out]
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