To Honour Wotan Testo

Testo To Honour Wotan

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Warriors come from the land of fog
ten thousand shield by shield
swords with the enemies red blood
ten thousand shield by shield
armored riders with weapons of steel
ten thousand shield by shield

The northstar always guides them from battle to battle
with anger and wrath against all christianity
they fight with strength and honour day by day
ashes of churches and blood red swords
raped nuns screaming under impaled prayers corpse
we hold the swords up hight to honour Wodan

Warriors come...

Battlecrys are sounding in the endless fight
brave mans of iron conquering strange lands
their axes are fed by the prayers blood
the sound of horns spread all over the land
a painfull death and a godless victory
we smash the christian cross to honour Wodan

Warriors come...

In Valhall were the brave man
fight side by side with gods
in Valhall were the great last battle
will be fight with power and might
die in the final fight to honour Wodan
in Valhall

Warriors come...
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