High Speed Soul Testo

Testo High Speed Soul

do you ever feel like you just landed on this earth? see the creatures all do their dances back and forth you get restless and then you join them on the floor suddenly it?s tomorrow it?s not today anymore you talk to the ceiling every day the speakers are shaking why do i hear you okay? they?re playing soul at the wrong speed it sounds right now what are you doing to me? d?you ever feel like what we call real life is not so real? tripping up on the same old problems you had last year well we?ll pretend it?s another planet not so uptight the stars are shining above the city every night they come every night (chorus) where are we going? i don?t care our friends all left let?s go anywhere it?s getting late i don?t care it?s just you and me let?s go anywhere

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