Slow Down Testo

Testo Slow Down

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
you see yourself sitting on top so self assured - happy,
but when your parents bail you out you somehow feel not free.
you're bored to tears in school, it's not like what you thought at all.
trouble is not the answer. i know what you want to know:
slow down;
why you wanna move so fast?
why you wanna walk so far?
i think i know what you want.
your father toys with you hoping his evil game will win.
in order not to loose, the trick is not to play with him.
anything good you do is added to your past - your wealth.
you'll need it all the day you finally choose to ask yourself:
slow down;
why you wanna move so fast?
why you wanna walk so far?
wait and find out who you are
and how you're gonna make it last.
something's gonna change, now re-spell your name.
tired of highs and lows, now derail your train.
and if this letter finds you lost and out of touch - lonely,
i hope you know by now you mean so very much to me
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