I Wish Everyone Was As Smart As Alison Testo

Testo I Wish Everyone Was As Smart As Alison

So if we're up all night again, and we're talking about my friends, remind me to tell Jesse he was right. I don't think Brook would like to hear that the drawings in his wallet were not clear. Those watermelons are way too big for me. We're driving, I'm singing, "The world is really 20 miles away." And she says, without hesitation, "Why can't everyone be as smart as me?" So that night I'm on her couch, it's almost morning light again. Didn't this happen last Tuesday? I remember the Promise Ring. I'm never sleeping anymore, I'm always listening and talking to you. So what the hell, it's 5am again. So I'm guessing that I am sick all the time 'cause I'm scared to be alone. If I ride this out, and I do not say a word, then maybe we can still be friends

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