Hammer Head Testo

Testo Hammer Head

Laura Pausini nuda sul palco, incidente hot durante un concerto in Perù
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So I said to this big swarthy looking guy,
"Man, I never tried to steal your woman.
Because of your bigness,
it would never have entered my mind.
Look, so there's no hard feelings,
why don't I buy you a malt liquor,
or some lottery tickets. Say what?
No, I don't want to step outside" a-hyuck hyuck hyuck...

"No, I didn't call you assface,
you must have misunderstood me. [????] No way, dude!"
So now this guy's ready to really kick my ass, right?.
I'm outta there. I find this guy's car,
I whip out my pocketknife and totally trash his vinyl.
You shoulda seen it

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