Many Places 2 Call Home Testo

Testo Many Places 2 Call Home

Oh well your smell is forever sort of near the tip-top of my spine
ill be not forever yours if you be not forever mine
when we hold hands under starlight tomorrows the last thing on my mind
when we kiss goodnight well i think i'll sleep just fine

there are many places to call home
this van, your arms, or anywhere i find to be alone
people are like vines and not like stone
were surprised to look back and see how much we've grown

well by now we have learned better than to try and hold our tongues
because if we are too careful, the best songs are left unsung
we push words of past and passion through our tiny soot filled lungs
four track tape machines, oh its only just begun

there are many places to call home
the night sky is a good one because its there where ever you may roam
Orion is just as bright as it was on our bike ride 6 nights ago
buildings are furniture and are great because of a potential zone

last nights conversation, now its very plain to see
the way that i miss him is the way that he misses me
and it does make me feel better to know we both agree:
the best way to love someone is to set them free

there are many places to call home
cliche words on the lips of every lover when they find they've been left alone
journals of our past and of the places and people we've known
the pallets to paint our futures to make them our own
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