There Is A Time Testo

Testo There Is A Time

There's a time, there's a time Time for summer and for snow Time for love to grow And to end in lonely tears There's a place I adore That I fear I'll see no more I will see no more Though I live for a hundred years There's a time for losing all you want And a time for travelling on But the hurt in my heart It goes on from day to day Will not go away Keeps on longing for what's gone There's a time, there's a time When a love is young and new Heaven's painted blue When we lay in the summer grass For a time, for a time You were so in love with me So how was I to see That the summer would pass Now you ride the ocean, change the star Underneath some far away sky And the hurt in my heart Knows you're never coming home Never coming home Till the day the sea runs dry In my dreams, in my dreams You have left yourself behind You caress my mind When the nights grow dark and chill Vagabond, vagabond Always travelling beyong Where's the magic wand That will bring you nearer still There's a time for holding to your dreams And a time for starting a new But the hurt in my heart It goes from day to day Never goes away For it's all I have left of you

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