From Clare To Here Testo

Testo From Clare To Here

(By Ralph McTell)

Four who shared this room and
We were caught up in the crack
Sleeping late on Sundays
And we never got to Mass

It's a long way from Clare to here
It's a long way from Clare to here
It's a long, long way
It get's further by the day
It's a long, long way from Clare to here

When Friday comes around
We're only into fighting
My Ma would like a letter home but
I'm too tired for writing


It almost breaks my heart
When I think of my family
I told them I'd be coming home with my
Pockets full of green


The only time I feel alright
Is when I'm into drinking
It can sort of ease the pain of it and it
Levels out my thinking


I sometimes hear the fiddles play,
Maybe it's just a notion
I dream I see white horses dance upon
That other ocean

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