I Wish It Would Rain Testo

Testo I Wish It Would Rain

Oh, I wish it would rain
And wash my face clean
I want to find some dark cloud to
Hide in here
Love in a memory
Sparkled like diamonds
When the diamonds fall... they burn
Like tears
When the diamonds fall... they burn
Like tears

Once I had a love from the
Georgia pines
Who only cared for me
I wanna find that love of twenty-two
Here at thirty-three
I've got a heart on my right
One on my left... neither suits my needs
No, the one I love lives a-way out West
And he never will need me


I'm gonna pack up my two steppin' shoes
And head for the Gulf Coast plains
I wanna walk the streets of my
Own hometown
Where everybody knows my name
I wanna ride the waves down
In Galveston
When the hurricanes blow in
'Cuz that Gulf Coast water tastes
Sweet as wine
When your heart's rollin' home in
The wind


When the diamonds fall darlin'... they
Burn like tears
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