Never Mind Testo

Testo Never Mind

(By Harlan Howard)

You say you're heading out to
You've heard the grapes are falling
From the vine
I was hoping you might have the
Urge to write me
But, I don't believe you will...
So never mind

I was talking to a man down at Genesco
He said they might be hiring any time
I'm so tired of going any way the
Wind blows
And I thought that me and you...
But never mind

Never mind... never mind
I'm just talkin' through the wine
And you know that drinkin' always
Makes me sad
But before this night is through...
I better say I love you
Or I'm gonna always wish that
I had

I first saw you pickin' oranges
In Orlando
All day you kept your ladder close
To mine
We froze in Georgia... burned up
In Chicago
And I always thought that we...
But never mind

Did you know today my baby called
You daddy?
Sometimes I've wished that she was
Yours and mine
I could call my brother Milt in Cincinnati
And ask him for a loan...
But never mind

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