Sweet Dreams Will Come Testo

Testo Sweet Dreams Will Come

(By John Stewart)

I'm sleepin' less in L.A.
Dreamin' of days yet to come
Oh, and I don't care what you say
I know that those days will surely come

I'm wakin' and I'm callin'
I'm shakin' and I'm fallin'
Oh, little darlin'
I wonder when those sweet dreams
Will come

There's a hole in the sky
That was made by my Right Guard
Last night
Oh, and then there's you and I
Assuring that everything's alright
We are nursing... pretending
Cursing then defending
And yet it's never ending
Makes ya' wonder when those sweet
Dreams will come

I am lookin' for some love
I guess that's why people buy dogs
Is there someone up above?
And I wonder is the Captain keeping
I am cursing and I'm praying
Not knowing what we're saying
And yet, it's everydaying
And I wonder when those sweet dreams
Will come

I feel like a fire
In the morning when the fire is out
I am walking on the wire
And the wire's what the whole
Thing is about
The pretender is thinning
Surrender is winning
And yet, it's a beginning
To feel like those sweet dreams will come

Oh, little darlin'
Don't cha wonder when those sweet
Dreams will come

(Oh, sweet dreams will come)
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