The Flyer Testo

Testo The Flyer

He was a flyer for the Air Force
On a plane from San Antonio
I was traveling to London
He was going off to Buffalo
Changing planes in Pittsburgh
We got grounded in a storm
And, I would give anything
To be on that flyer's arm

We played cards, mostly blackjack
As we sat out on the tarmac
We sang songs we knew in Spanish
As we both loved songs of language
He'd heard me on the radio
I'd seen the flyers of San Antone
And, I would give anything
To have that flyer for my own

God bless the flyer
Who would be flying home tonight
Cuz' I would give anything
To see that flyer, flyin' tonight

He said he'd never married
Cuz, his heart was in the clouds
And I said I was too clumsy
That I broke the wings of the loves I found
He shouted out his name to me
As I ran to make my flight
I would give anything
To see that flyer, flyin' tonight

One year I watched a war in London
In the airport leaving London
And I wondered if I'd know him
If I saw his wings in motion
Did I leave my heart in Pittsburgh...
In the lightning of that flight?
I wish that you could tell me now
Will he be flyin' home tonight?

[Chorus 2x]
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