Two For The Road Testo

Testo Two For The Road

Out of the blue horizon
Stretched a band of gold
From the straits of Juan De Fuca
To the east of Portland, Maine
You held my hand
As we raced along the Buffalo Bayou
Chasing the tail of this globe
You say one day, babe we're bound to
'Cuz it takes two for the road

We're two of a kind heart
Closing in the distances
Now here comes our twilight part
And we've had the best light of our days
We're two rails that never crossed in anger
Voices never raised
Two of a kind heart
Two for the road

We have been blessed with dreaming
You had Georgia's New Mexico
And while your hands worked in China
It was from Ireland I wrote
Moving out from America
From those Buffalo Bayou trails
Now didn't you tell me, babe, we'll have this globe
By its tail
'Cuz it takes two for the road


And we can be anywhere and never leave home
With your hand to hold... we are two for the road
Two of a kind heart... two for the road
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