You Made This Love A Teardrop Testo

Testo You Made This Love A Teardrop

What've you got to say for yourself, now baby
Now that I am leaving you
What have you got to lose?
The truth you tried to keep from me
Well, it nearly drove me crazy
And I have grown weary
From sleepless nights of you
Is that a broken heart in the corner of your eye?
Something to remind you?

You made this love a teardrop
Waiting to fall
There are those who can't love right
I just can't love wrong
When you are lonely in the night
How I hope you will recall
You made this love a teardrop
Waiting to fall

No, I will not forgive you for betraying trust
Between us
Though I will always care for you
I've loved you half my life
And when I give my heart again
I know that I'll remember
Love is but a fragile flame
And trust just fuels the fire
When I think of all the years your love has taken
From me
I can't believe I'm leaving you

[Chorus 2x]
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