Pino Testo

Testo Pino

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[This one is a joke about Nanowar's song "Master of Pizza" - a spoof on the gap
between South Italy and North Italy - which has been much criticised for being racist,
since some idiot thought it was all serious]

Ehi, ragazzi abbiamo una chiamata! [Ehi, guys, we have a call!]
Sentiamo chi scassa la minchia [Let's hear who wants to break our balls...]
Pronto, chi parla? [Hello?]

Sono Pino [I'm Pino!]

Ciao Pino, da dove chiami? [Hello, Pino! Where are you calling from?]

Da 'na pizzeria. [From a Pizzeria]

[Speaker:] Pino, sei in onda! Vuoi dirci qualcosa? [Pino, you're on air! Would you like
to say something?]

[Pino (with STRONG Naples accent):]
"Si, volevo dire 'na cosa... che... voi di Radio-grafia siete bravi guaglio', per~ ce
'sta una cosa che nun me piace tanto... voi dite Napule cos".. cosi... Napulebbello, ce
stanno tanti problemi ma non � che sono tutti cos"... Anche con sti Nanowar...
Master of pizza... basta.... avete rotto il cazzo... non ne voglio senti' cchi."
[Yes, I just wanted to say... that... you guys at Radio-Graphy are Good Fellas, but..
there's somwething which... really gets on my nerves... you always say all those bad
things about Naples... this... well... Naples is beautiful... there are many problems
but... not everybody is a criminal... also, these Nanowar guys... they've got me pissed
off... I don't wanna hear them anymore!]