Slick Willy Testo

Testo Slick Willy

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Looks like another 4 years of your politics
are gonna keep me down because you came,
and bought up the Whitehouse.
Ms. America is in love with you.
Build your "bridge to the future"
but I won't ever dare to cross it
cuz I know what lies ahead for me...
waiting on the other side.
Our nation is turning BLUE.
The country is crumbling right before our eyes.
Electoral votes are in. You win.
Because you cheated on your country.
You cheated on your wife.
You cheated on your campaign.
You've cheated all your life.
I'm sick and tired of your bullshit lies.
Slick Willy is the Anti-Christ.
You say you'll fight discrimination
but I say you're lying to the nation
cuz you think that I should be punished
and how would you vote on Prop. 209?
You smile pretty for the camera
cuz you know no one gives a damn
about your campaign cuz it's built on
your looks, and IMAGE IS EVERYTHING in America.
Hold us hostage again. (He's gonna...)
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